Code Violations

Here we can make a list of code violations we see put in the wild. I’ll start. Here is something from my grade school. It’s a wall mount speaker/strobe put up on the ceiling.

I’m looking through NFPA 72 and it doesn’t say that a wall-mounted device cannot be mounted on the ceiling. It’s unusual to see them mounted this way but not unheard of.

A lot of places here at OSU have Simplex or Siemens panels with Notifier BNG-1Rs. I can only imagine that the BNG-1Rs are NOS devices and they just install each pull station with a monitor module to give it an addressable point. However, I’ve seen no indication that the pulls have locks that match the panel (eg, on a 4100ES system the pull stations do not have locks that fit the B key). I believe it is a requirement for the locks on all the devices that have them to match the lock on the control panel.

At my college, even though the majority of the alarms there are ceiling mount SpectrAlert Advance speaker/strobes, there is one remote wall mount strobe in the science wing.

I was under the impression that you couldn’t because of the way that the reflectors in the strobe are set up. Since ceiling mount strobes have to cast in every direction and wall mount ones only have to shine downwards and left and right.

its a violation of the UL listing and isn’t installed per manufacturers directions, and sometimes an ahj will complain about the direction of the wording on the device.

I guess I was looking in the wrong place then. Is it a violation to have locks on pull stations not match with locks on the control panel?