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My organization acquired a couple of buildings, and one of them had this gem inside- still operational.

Needless to say, I’m saving a spot for it on my garage wall.

Notifier NU panel - installed around 1960.

That looks really nice! Do you know what the alarms are?

Two pull stations, two horns, no detection.

Horns and pulls are covered with stainless plates.

What are the horns though?

It’s really not necessary to press for every detail in these topics. If that information was readily available, I’m sure it would have been provided the first time you asked.

I know you have a strong interest in these systems and enjoy contributing to this forum, but please keep this in mind going forward so that we do not overwhelm users asking for intricate details.


Does anyone on this forum own that stainless steel pull station? It looks like it has a similar mechanism to the BG-1/BG-8.

It appears to be a flush version of the BNG-1 as it uses the same mechanism as that model. I don’t own one of these devices, but here’s a photo from a past eBay auction showing the mechanism:

If you manage to salvage these, be sure to hold tight onto them, that’s some nice and rare equipment that you’ve got there!

That pull station is really cool! I hope you can get one!