Compiled a full inventory of my collection!

Not the biggest collection, I’m sure, but I’m happy with it. Now that I actually have my devices with me in a (town) house again, should be able to actually grow the collection again and get some videos going!

Here’s the full inventory list!


That’s an awesome collection, could I possibly see a photo of your 1960’s Notifier coded pull?

Sure thing! Any model number stickers have worn off. Didn’t look online to try and sort it out yet but if you know what these are please let me know!

I’ll try to figure it out, I’m usually good at finding model numbers on old and new Notifier equipment (probably because they are my favorite fire alarm company) but these seem to have stumped me.

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So far I’ve found some photos, a video, and an eBay link. Seems like this has been rebranded MANY times. Also, do you have the key for the key lock one?
eBay Link (diffrent brand tho)
Screenshot 2024-05-30 212411

Screenshot 2024-05-30 212432

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I do not have a key for the lock one, no idea what kind of key it may take. Tried a simplex annunciator key since it fits, then almost bent that key up bad.