Concord 4 question

Where do I connect the keypad and AC power to this concord 4?

Concord 4:

Here’s a picture the keypad:

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I think you connect to the bus terminal

Ok, and where do I connect ac power to the concord 4? (Not the keypad, but the board)

Also, does it take 16.5 VAC?

That’s what it says on the board

I would assume where it says 16.5v and it doesn’t appear to be polarized so it shouldn’t matter where the positive and negative go.

The load (power) Terminals are on the left. Keypad wires are to the right.

You will need a transformer.

Thanks for the info! I was worried I might fry the panel if I did something the wrong way.

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No Problem! I have a DSC power series that I fried the other day. Connected it directly to 120vac. :joy::joy::joy:

Oh no! Hope you can get it replaced! Also, would this transformer work fine with the concord 4? DSC PTD1640U Energy Efficiency Plug-in Transformer 16.5VAC 40VA | eBay

Yes, as long as it is 16.5, you might though want this one, because it has Ground it would be safer.

Thanks for the transformer suggestion! Also, is it possible to program the concord 4 from a fixed English keypad or would I need the alpha keypad?

I would HIGHLY recommend an alpha keypad for programming because It shows all of the words. It is a lot less confusing and easier to do.

Also, do you know what wireless sensors are compatible with the concord 4, and do I need a wireless receiver of some sort or will wireless sensors just work without any extra modules? I plan on adding wireless sensors to my concord 4 later.

You will probably need a wireless module for the wireless sensors to work. I don’t have a Concord so I don’t really know. A quick Google search might be able to find the sensors you’re looking for.

Also, what wireless sensors are compatible with the Concord 4?

Maybe this???

As I said, I have never owned one of those before. Quick Google search might help.

The GE Concord 4 is compatible with GE security Crystal and SAW Wireless sensors.

Is this sensor compatible with the GE Concord 4: Interlogix TX-E201 - Wireless Door/Window Sensor Qolsys & GE 319.5Mhz Compatible | eBay

Yes. Any 319.5Mhz sensor will work.