Connecting horn strobes to a Concord 4 panel

Hi all… I currently have a System Sensor mini horn on the 12V output of my Concord 4 panel, and would like to replace it with several Spectralert horn strobes. My plan to do this involved a relay with a 24V power source, but I was wondering about the sound the horn strobes make. I know the Concord panel has three different types of sound for fire, intrusion, aux (3 beeps, continuous, rapid beeps), which the manual specifies is for the 8ohm speaker output. I’m not sure if the 12V outputs on the Concord panel are different based on the alarm type or not (i.e. always on DC for intrusion but pulsing DC for fire).

Does anyone know if it’d be possible to make the Spectralerts have different tones depending on the alarm type? I know they support coded tones from the panel, but I don’t think the Concord panel supports that.

Welcome to TFP! I looked through the manual and couldn’t find anything about whether the two 12v siren outputs are coded according to alarm type. However, I read that output 2 (terminals 10 and 11) follows all system sounds, including the beeps during entry/exit delays. So, it seems possible that it would also do steady for burglar and pulsing for fire.

What terminals is your mini horn connected to? Have you tested a fire zone to see if the output is coded?

Thanks Destin! The mini horn is on OUT2 (10,11) and an exterior 12V siren on OUT1 (9,13). Currently, neither follow system status beeps (only the keypads do). That might be changeable with the output programming though, currently they’re both set to 01610 (Trigger for fire/police, no trip delay, siren time)

I’m thinking to just pick up a Spectralert and 8-ohm speaker, wire them in and start do some testing :smiley: Time to get to work!

If you really want a dedicated makeshift NAC, use configuration code 00103 for that output in the programming. This code will only activate the output for fire alarm events and there is no siren timeout. It provides constant power until disarmed. You could also do drills/tests by controlling the output (7+7+output number). You could connect an MT and use any coding option on it without issue!