Contrary to popular belief, the ceiling is not the best plac

Contrary to popular belief, the ceiling is not the best place for smoke alarms. The wall is a better place for them.

[quote] Smoke detectors have a very important place in the home. Did you know that most people site them in the wrong place? Read on to learn where the absolute best places are to site them and learn where most people forget to put them.

We all know how important smoke detectors are and what they are used for. Because of their ability to warn us about the impending danger from fire, it is sensible to have one installed in every room of your home if possible.

Most people believe that the best place and the most strategic location to install a smoke detector is on the ceiling since smoke usually rises. However, not all smoke heads up to the ceiling. Take for example some deadly gases like those from burning foam in couches. They actually head up to the top ceiling level, forcing the smoke to gather almost 12 inches below the ceiling and out of reach of the smoke detectors. The gas will stay at the ceiling level and the smoke being below the gas will result in a smoke detector in the ceiling not detecting the fire at all. That is why it is most ideal to place smoke detectors on the wall around 12 inches below the ceiling.

Wow…you never know what results research can yield, especially in mounting smoke detectors. If it meant having my own private residence look weird because of very, very low smoke detectors on the wall, this would not be a bad idea to try.