Conventional 4WB conversion to addressable

I’m dying here.

35 hours deep in 2 days and I can not solve this.

I have existing 4WB smokes and a new MS9050UD and MMF-301’s

For each smoke and pulls. Also an altronix AL300ULXB on site.

Can anyone lend me brain power to help reset the power of these smoke detectors please?

Thank you

Starting with a disclaimer: If you’re working on a system actively used for life safety, make sure you follow all the codes outlined in NFPA 72, as well as the local fire codes, when pulling cables and connecting devices, and if you’re not qualified to work on fire systems in your location, you’ll need to speak with someone who is.

Disclaimer aside, to power 4-wire smoke detectors, you’ll need to configure one of the NACs as 24V Resettable Power (you can do this through programming) and run power to the smokes from there. A 4-wire smoke detector is quite simple; it has 2 connections: a power input (almost always 24VDC), and relay contacts (NO, NC, Common) (the 4W-B only has an NO and Common). The relay contacts switch on alarm so NO and Common are connected together. Make sure you connect the power to the terminals on the base that are labelled for power input, and connect the monitor module’s IDC (normally violet/yellow) leads to the zone +/- terminals. If you mistakenly connect 24VDC to the monitor module, you WILL almost certainly kill it, and quite possibly the panel as well. Don’t forget to put a power supervision relay on the last device, too!

Here’s a link to the manual for the System Sensor 4W-B smoke detector: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 6-1800.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

Here’s a link to the manual for the Fire-Lite MS9050UD. The programming chapter should describe how to configure a NAC for 24V resettable power.