Copyright of voice evacuation messages

The raw voice evacuation message files seem to be copyrighted, but is it legal to record a voice evacuation message in a building during a fire evacuation and share that recording (including background noise)?

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Considering I don’t know of any videos of voice systems in action that have been taken down due to copyright I’d say there’s arguably no problem with doing so.

I don’t think there is any voice evacuation that is copyrighted, like what carson said, there are lots of raw voice evacuation audio online that is available for everyone to use so I’m not sure what might make you think they’re all copyrighted.

Some of them (like the Notifier ones) are very hard to find without being a registered distributor, which I assumed was due to copyright issues. I think Destin’s website used to be password protected for that reason, and Joey Caridi usually includes a copyright statement when uploading voice evacuation messages.

Some brands like Notifier & Simplex are quite protective of their tones & messages, likely due to their proprietary business models, which makes it hard for us enthusiasts who are only out to have some fun to get ahold of them.