Corning Museums Fire Alarm Systems

Yesterday, I went to Corning with my mom to go to the Corning Museum of Glass and the Rockwell Museum, both of which had interesting systems with CMoG being more interesting.

To start off we have the Corning Museum of Glass main building. At the main entrance you see a 4903 speaker strobe with two Simplex pulls; one normal, and one modified for use as a medical alert pull station.

In the exhibition behind the ticketing booth, the notification appliances are mostly ceiling mount Simplex strobes and Wheelock 1080 speakers.

Now a few closeups of the pulls; this one appears to be inked.

As you can see, the pulls are regular Simplex pulls except blue and with nameplates over the FIRE ALARM lettering

And a medical alert pull above a handicap door opener for one of the auditoriums.

The glass blowing building of CMoG has a bit more of an interesting system.

Not only are there 49SV’s for the fire alarm portion, but the medical alert pull stations are now SigCom pulls instead of modified Simplex pulls.

In addition to ES speaker strobes, there are also two alert devices per glassblowing “pod” next to the 49SV’s. I am unsure if they are 49AV’s or 49MTV’s however. I am pretty sure the green strobed devices are for the gas shutoff, I am unsure on the yellow however.

For some reason, only one “pod” has audible alert devices.

For the Rockwell Museum, the system is pretty underwhelming. For the most part, it’s just regular QuickAlerts and the occasional TrueAlert. However, there does appear to be one 49?V-WWA per floor. I am unsure what they are for, but I think they may be for carbon monoxide, as they were only located near where a Simplex CO base was.

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A very cool, unique, & interesting system indeed! Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the place that this photo was taken at (not the photo I was thinking of but it’s the only one I could find).

Yup, that photo was taken at the Rockwell Museum. Didn’t get a picture of those specific pulls as it felt pointless as I already had multiple pics of those two pulls at other exits

Interesting system. Love the mass notification and medical alert pull stations

Whenever they replace this system im going to have to try to get my hands on one of those medical pulls.

Oh definitely: heck you might as well get the whole system if you can!