Couch Chevron coded pull?

Found this in a couch catalog from 1959.


Nice find. I want one of those now. Can you scan the whole catalog or even just that page?

I wonder if it is coded or meant as a retrofit in place of a coded pull since the hole is so large?

I can’t

Scan the catalog since it was on ebay. I also found out that couch also made flush mount 4050 style horns. But I did copy some pages

I have like 5 pages scanned

Cool! My guess is it’s non-coded with a larger housing to make room for the keyswitch and to fit on the same backbox as the other oversized pulls. I wonder what the difference between this and the F5GX is, besides design.

Can you post the pages you have scanned?

Here’s some

I love how they have the dots for suspense. Are they of advance design. … Yes. XD

Just found the catalog on eBay and bought it. Looks like it’s a non-coded presignal station. Perhaps Couch later found that it was cheaper to manufacture a non-coded presignal stations with the same housing mold as the coded stations and discontinued these ones.

Destin: Will you scan and upload this to your site?

Of course! That is, if I can get my scanner to stop being stupid.

Lol i would sell or trade you one(Not joking)

Once again trying to sell something or trade a item for a alarm. XD


In this case, it is actually good because we can read the text on the catalogs. Also, it doesn’t mess up the page too much.

ccs46: I really dont need a scanner, alarms and money are more useful…

Destin:I will go really low on the scanner. Its NIB(Well i scanned like 5 photos and the we got a printer with a scanner, so i didn’t need it…)

If you want, i COULD trade for it(i.e. Alarms, Computer,IDK…)

Thanks, but mine’s working now. It was a driver issue.

Another alarm I never knew existed until now. Now I have an appetite for it. :mrgreen:

You deserve to mount one!!! :smiley:

I would really like to see that manual in its entirety. :smiley:

Then again, I understand how large those files can be.

If you have a decent smartphone with a good camera, get the app “camscanner”. Works flawlessly, and only costs like 99 cents. Scans pages into PDF’s by taking a picture using your phone’s camera.