Cracked Simplex 4251-20 Pull Station

This is a cracked Simplex 4251-20 pull station in the gym of one of our schools. Who knew having no guard to protect a pull station from physical damage would lead to damage. We are helping to replace the whole system this summer so it won’t be in service much longer. And don’t worry, I am saving everything that’s getting removed, but I’ll post more on it when we’re doing the upgrade.


Did they say what system they bought? I hope it is not a newer Simplex system, that is why my Middle school had a new fire alarm system put in.

It will probably not be a Simplex panel since this is an independent company that is not affiliated with Simplex, but it seems like they like to install System Sensor L-Series devices, but I will not know until it’s on site.

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Oh okay, so that leaves me to believe that it might be one of the following.

  1. Notifier

  2. FireLite

  3. Silent Knight

  4. Gamewell-FCI

These are all Honeywell brands (Including System Sensor).

At least it won’t be an Edwards or a newer Simplex, because those tend to be really crappy systems!

4251-20’s are too old to be installed in a new modern system. 2099-9101’s would be used instead