Crazy house fire in my town.

I was laying on the ground on the rug because I was bored. So the I hear helicopters flying by and I was like “Oh, its a plane” and I feel asleep. The next morning I watched the news and they said that a house on MY street was on fire! I got ready to go to high school and hop in the car and I see a charred up house with 50 firemen and woman working and as a detail they had a table of breakfast. The end. Whats strange is that weeks before the fire, The SC swat team trained there. So that is weird. Just chose to tell a story!

I had a house fire in my house recently. Very scary indeed.

Scary! :shock:

Scary! :shock:

A house went on fire last year in my neighborhood too! It’s almost repaired rn

I heard that too!

I was driving home from a failed siren test last month and a SPEC house was on fire about a mile away from my house. Pretty weird, especially since it had been built quite recently. The article in the paper mentioned that the builder had neglected to install smoke detectors. I had to backtrack 5 miles to get around the fire, instead of driving 1 mile down the road.