Crazy US weather! :O

Hey everyone ccs46 here :smiley:

I was wondering if anyone here on this forum has been effected by the rainy weather in Colorado or the tornado in Maine.

Andrew: Were you effected by the tornado or the storms up in Maine?

I wasn’t aware of a tornado in Maine…not to say it didn’t happen though. There was however a small tornado (F0) in CT on Sunday and a stronger F2 tornado in Revere, Mass. yesterday that did considerable damage.

The weather around here has just sucked. :?

After one of the longest, coldest winters in DECADES we had a slow spring and now a very lack-luster summer. I mean, we’ve hit 90 only 5 times, normally we’d have closer to 15 by now. 2014 can just go away now… :smiley:

I didn’t get any tornadoes yesterday, fortunately, but we have been having thunderstorms the last few days and on a weekly basis since the end of June.

I can say here in Canada the weather does suck. Most of the summer days here feel like a nice cool fall day. So much for opening my pool this year :lol:

IT SUCK HERE IN OREGON! :roll: There are so manny fires that it makes it hard to breathe…

Speaking of which…the other day we had some of that smoke from the west coast drift by. It was high in the atmosphere, so we couldn’t smell it, but it make the air look milky and caused the sunset to look really nice and red.

I really hope something changes with the weather. Any time we get typical heat to build, it lasts a day or two before air from Canada swoops in and kicks it out. Damn you, Canada! :x

Did you get that switched around? There was a tornado in Colorado, not very much rain here.

From experience, I can tell you that it rains a lot in Maine.

We like to share with our neighbours from the south, it’s Canadian courtesy :wink:

You can share anything you want…except that! :wink:

AHEM, Florida, that’s a hint to get into the sharing mood. Stop being stingy this year.

You want a heat wave… what the hell? WHY??

We should rename this topic Weather Woes Volume 4. You know, a newer topic with members that still exist.

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Seeing as I don’t have central air, I’m quite enjoying these cooler-than-average temps thank you very much. Florida can keep all the heat and humidity to itself until I head up to Canada next month. 8)

Hey, I’ll gladly take the heat wave. We haven’t had a nice hot day up here yet, and god only knows by mid September it will start to snow, which wouldn’t be surprising :roll:

Maine Tornado –

It was a small tornado that took down lots of trees in a town called Limington, ME. Did not cause much severe damage however, other than some wrecked cars, downed power lines, and minor damage to houses. One lady’s shed took a direct hit and was destroyed, however.

We also had some other cases of crazy weather. In Fryeburg, ME, the Saco River overflowed and flooded, almost killing a few people. In Standish, ME, they experienced golfball-sized hail that made the land look like a winter day (snow). In another area, the Saco River flooding eroded and damaged a road making it un-drivable. These all occurred in western Maine, where it seems like all the weird weather happens. A few years ago a small earthquake occurred 60 miles north of Portland, ME and several miles underground. It was enough to vibrate my whole house, about 90 miles from the epicenter, and I heard reports that it was felt as far away as Boston.

In my area, we had thunderstorms and very heavy rain, strong winds, and lots of power outages. Fortunately for me I was in the office instead of out driving somewhere, so I stayed safe and dry.

It’s fun to be at the office during storms. Yours would be much more interesting because you got alarms there :smiley:.

Well down here in Florida, we are waiting to see where this new tropical storm might be headed.

Everything you need to know.

I’ve been interested by that tropical disturbance, too. A lot of computer models show it ending up in the area of the Bahamas. Although it is WAY TO EARLY to speculate where it may go, if it even becomes anything at all, I’ve noticed that a lot of storms that impact the east coast tend to pass through the Bahamas. Irene was a good example of that. This applies mostly to “Cape Verde storms”, which, this one would be if it materialized.

As for the heat comment earlier, I love heat and humidity. If everything in my life was able to come together the way I’d like, I’d move to Florida in a heart beat. Summers here are usually just the way I like it, but the winter (especially this past one) can kiss my ass. :wink: