Cruise ship fire alarm question

If someone were to press a call point on a large cruise ship, would it sound the general alarm, a local sounder, or just send a silent alarm?

American cruise ships follow either NFPA 301 or an international maritime code known as SOLAS. Cruise ships have fire fighters on board, and local sounders in rooms, which makes me think most alarms are responded to by fire fighters before evacuating the ship to deck and possibly to sea. The problem you run into in ships or high rises is firefighters moving against a flood of people trying to get out, so you’d want to limit occupancy movement until first responders can get to the scene and assess the situation.

i haven’t read the nfpa301 or SOLAS, but that’s a best guess based on how a high rise would operate and how an event would operate (an event being a stadium, large music hall, etc.).

That’s an interesting question, I really should look into NFPA 301 for the standard…