CSXRailfan2's Fire Alarm Collection

Since this is my first post of being on The Fire Panel Forums, I might as well start off my fire alarm collection.

      1. and 4) These were my first fire alarm devices that I got on Christmas 2010. A Simplex 2099-9795 (With a Mapnet II), a Fire-Lite BG-12LX (The LED came D.O.A.), a Edwards System Technology “EST” SIGA-278 (With a SIGA Addressable Module), and a Simplex 4904-9305 (15 cd) Remote Strobe.
  1. On Christmas 2010, I also have a STI Stopper Push Station.
    (Pictures and/or Videos to come!)

  2. Somewhere in 2011, I got a FCI MS-2 from Charlie D., when he had it up for sale at his old store.
    (Pictures and/or Videos to come!)

  3. Again :roll: , Somewhere in 2011, I won a auction on Ebay of winning a Faraday F1GT “Chevron” Pull Station.

        1. It was Christmas 2011 when I got my recently owned alarms, First up, a GE RSG T-Bar, a Edwards “Local Alarm Version” 270-SPO (The lock looks like its done for due to the shape of the metal that opens the pull), A Cooper/Wheelock CH70-24MCW (Multi-Cd), Edwards 202-7A (15 cd), and a Notifier BNG-1R (No key in Possession!)

Thanks for viewing!

  • Thomas S.