Cursed Fire Alarm Pictures

I want to see the most oddest of fire alarm pictures. It needs to be cursed aswell.

I got one right here. It can be on a game or it can be real life.


yes that is really the same exact horn strobe and yes that is a stopper covering it

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this alarm just confuses me why couldnt wheelock just design it with the strobe horizontal underneath the mini horn aaaaaa

i think pyrotronics designed it lol xd
why they did this is beyond me

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It’s a Wheelock device, Pyrotronics just rebranded it

If you look at it right, it kinda looks like an among us crewmate

my theory is that this design was created while Wheelock’s design team was drunk

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LMAO! :laughing: That is a HORN STROBE not a Pull Station. Does what cover says, breaks alarm off the wall. People are screwed.

I’ve imagined a combination of a horn/strobe and a pull station. It’s fixed inside a pocket in the wall and in normal state, the horn/strobe side is concealed while the pull handle side is shown. If there’s a fire, pull the handle and the whole device will make a 180 degree flip, showing the horn/strobe side to the public and going off. Simultaneously, all the unpulled pull-horn-strobe combinations will flip over on their own under the command of signal bus, showing their blinding flashing tummies and starting shouting.

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I’ve also seen this from wheelovefirealarm’s video…EVEN MORE CURSED than yours.
This pull station has the ability of turning ANYONE who’s tryin’ to activate it into a HORN…into a hornet-stung poor little guy.

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If you click full screen and zoom in, you can see that ia a spectralert advance P2/4R. The L-Series have little lips on top of the strobe. Where as the Advances don’t have the lip over the strobe. Change my mind that it is a L-Series.