Daily Periodic Test Abnormal

What is the best way to determine if this is caused by the phone line or the panel itself ? The actual alarms are received by the central station yet they state this is coming in daily.

Is the panel going into alarm condition every day or if you know anything on it’s telephone network that can send out messages to the central station?

Is that message coming from the panel or the monitoring station? You need to go to the panel and see if it has a test timer fault. Check the phones lines or cellular signal.

The monitoring station told me this.

An abnormal auto test signal will be sent every 24 hours if your panel in not in the normal condition.
It will sends a normal auto test if your panel is normal.
Depending on how your installer programmed things, it may send these signals twice a day, 1 for each phone line, or 1 for each communication path.
This is per code. You could have your CS disregard these signals until your panel returns to a normal condition

I see. What is abnormal ? Troubles and Supervisories coming in ?

Anything other than a normal panel at the time of the panels daily auto test time.
The panel sends at least 1 test signal to the CS every 24 hours. If the panel is normal, the signal is disregarded by the CS. If the panel is Anything other than normal, active trouble, supv., or alarm on your system at the time of the test signal, the panel will send an abnormal test condition and the CS will respond. You can put that condition or signal in test with the CS if you cant clear your panel

I see. We do have many troubles. They said they do receive alarm signals so likely it is not the phone line but the troubles ?

Also do you know what Walk Test is I see that function.

Try adjusting the time the panel sends a test report to something like 12 or 24 hours

I believe it is my code every 24 hours. Our system has some troubles. That could be the issue showing abnormal test ?