debug messages appear during PM operations

Since the changes and updates phpBB debug messages appear at the top of the screen. Screen shots are in the Dropbox link below.

<LINK_TEXT text=“Dropbox - Error … s.png?dl=0”>Dropbox - debug_messages.png - Simplify your life</LINK_TEXT>

What’s odd is this is seemingly only happening for some users. We have not yet actually updated any software. I’m going to try to run the update tonight, which will hopefully fix the PHP issues that have been showing up all around the website.

If it is any help, I am using Firefox 75.0 (64-bit).

I’m on the same version. PHP issues are usually server side, not client side. I attempted to send you a PM. Any luck receiving it?

Yes, I received it. It was Sent: Mon Apr 13, 2020 3:49 pm.

And the email notification situation is repaired.

Glad to hear that. I’ll be working hard to get these things, which shouldn’t have even been issues in the first place, fixed. A lot of these former issues were out of our control.

We got the update done. Let me know if you have anymore issues, I think this has been resolved! :smiley: