Deer in the yard

This morning, me and my father noticed three does walking near his house on his front lawn. A rare sight, indeed, although Michigan is known for having a large concentration of deer since many parts of the state are heavily forested.

Have any of you had similar experiences?

I see deer in my yard/neighborhood at least a few times a week. Here in Colorado, it’s definitely not a major occurrence. There are A TON of them. What’s a bit more rare is seeing a bear, and what’s even rarer is seeing a mountain lion. Rabbits are also very, very common where I live.

I see deer pretty often around my neighborhood as well.

The most impressive/uncommon animal I saw in my yard was a huge eagle in a tree near my balcony. Other than that, I really don’t get much wildlife other than fat raccoons and pesky squirrels since I’m downtown.

Considering the fact that we have invaded where these animals live… it’s VERY unusual to see a deer in the yard!

By the way Kevistic. That post reads very awkwardly. Stop trying to sound so articulate.

I want to put a motion-activated night vision camera outside some night… that would be interesting to see. I have never seen a deer in my yard but I know that they, plus rabbits, squirrels, and cats, cross my yard–they always leave trails of footprints in the snow.

I’ve seen coyotes, deer, rabbits, bob cats…you name it.

I heard a wolf howl the other night…I thought I was going to have a heart attack, lol. I don’t usually hear wolves, so with the window open at midnight, it sounds creepy. Makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Something that I forgot to mentions is coyotes. You can see/hear a lot of them around here too. They are notorious for eating people’s outdoor pets.

I just heard some coyotes a half hour ago when I was out for a walk.

We’ve had lots of bears in trees lately…

We have to worry about fisher cats–vicious wildcats that live around here. Not so much for bears or coyotes though.

I’ve never seen a bear, but I’ve seen fishercats…but aren’t those related to weasels?

My mom says that she has seen deer in our subdivision while walking our dog at night. But we’ve had worse in our common area, wild pigs!