Deluge System in Home Improvement Store?

I noticed this at a local home improvement store the other day. I don’t know if this is one of those normal things that I just haven’t noticed at other locations after all these years.

There are doors going from the partially enclosed outdoor/garden section to the main structure. Each of set of doors has a cluster of 3 deluge heads mounted about 2 feet above. These are NOT part of the dry sprinklers that the outdoor section has installed. There doesn’t seem to be any initiating device in that section for activation. Has anyone else seen something like this or worked on a system of this nature?

Do you have a picture?

I’ll take one next time I’m there. There isn’t a setup like this at other of this store’s locations I’ve been to. Due to this store being a good distance away from me, it may take a while before I can get back up there.

Something like these nozzles in a row?

Probably they‘re intended to cool down the gate and thus protect it? Or they’ll generate a “water firewall” which confines flames in the zone?