Devices that you wish were never discontinued

Wheelock Exceeders had a better strobe design than Eluxa, I wish Eaton would still produce them.

Aside maybe from the more modern ones made/sold by companies like Masterguard, Sure Signal Products, etc., there’s really no place for them today, especially when we have not only smoke detectors but also electronic heat detectors (such as those you might find in a residential home, which look & function identically to residential smoke detectors (including the horn) except with a heat sensor in place of a smoke sensor).

I’d say Wheelock’s LED3-series was even better, as they have a flash duration that’s correct (& more importantly in line with the NFPA’s standards) unlike the Exceder LED-series, & the strobe doesn’t look stupid either (in fact they look identical to the Exceder LED-series: the only difference as far as I know is the flash duration like I said).

i honestly prefer the WM, RS, and MCW strobes.

my grandma’s house has those

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I wonder why they were discontinued.

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Gent 34770 optical heat (optical smoke/heat) sensor sounder, first released in 1997, discontinued in 2019, I personally like the design of them