Devices that you wish were never discontinued

What are some devices that you wish were still being manufactured?

I wish that the century and the ms-2 and 6 were never discontinued

brobabl the gamewell century

I wish that the 2903/2904 series strobes/lights were never discontinued.

Silent Knight’s SK-5208: it’s a very good panel for small-to-mid-size applications (I should know: I have one), heck the only reason SK stopped making it is supposedly due to parts obsolescence (though why they couldn’t have simply redesigned it with new parts that still worked & kept on manufacturing it I don’t know, unless they felt the SK-5208 had run its course).

The 5208 was a pretty nice FACP

Still is I’d say even if Silent Knight won’t be making any more new ones.

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simplex 2001. it is everything anyone could ask for from a FACP.

The simplex 2001 was a really good FACP

Maybe for its time but I’m sure by the time it was discontinued that it was getting outdated (especially if you’ve seen NewAgeServerAlarm’s video on it which shows that wiring the internals is a nightmare).

yeah, but a contractor should hope to only do that once.

it was also modular.

Yeah I’ve seen one before

FCI MS2. The MS2 had a nice design and it was made out of metal. I’d say it’s better than the SigCom T-Bars they have. If they fixed the issue with the stiff lock and made a modern addressable variant for the MS2. Id say it would be a good pull station. I would make every Honeywell Brand have them

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Yeah. Supposedly the only reason it’s not still made today is because the company that manufactured it was stopped from doing so by another company that acquired them (as detailed in another Forums topic).

That’s sucks. Hopefully Honeywell can start manufacturing MS2s again in a different facility if they own the design to the MS-2s.

Maybe, like I said though the MS-2 was supposedly made for FCI (its original seller) by another company & thus Honeywell probably doesn’t own anything related to it. They likely wouldn’t think of the MS-2 as worth putting back into production again anyway however as they have the BG-12, which virtually every Honeywell brand uses now (not sure about weatherproof applications though, which the MS-2 might be good for).

Why was the century discontinued

That I don’t know the answer to, heck I don’t even really know when exactly the Century was discontinued.

They were probably discontinued in 2010

The heat detector/bell all-in-one units.