Did Ben's email get hacked?


FYI, I’d like to let Ben know that I recieved a link to this: http://officialbargains.com/info.html, in my email today. The site is advertising drugs. Ben, I doubt that you actually sent it, and thats why I bet that your email was hacked. Could you please tell me whats going on? Did anyone else get an email like this?



Ben’s last login - 13 Mar 2011, 23:46

My bet is he either does not reply to you or gives you some lame ass reply just to prove me wrong. The useless freak that runs the site is to busy protesting someones beliefs with his face covered to reply to you. I would advise you to change the email you have registered here to a dummy one you make just for this site. The man (and I use that term loosely) does not give a flying fuck about his members. Hell, he probably sold your email for cash.

That’s weird. I’ve never had a spam problem on here before. Was it a PM or an email? It is possible that his email was hacked.

It was an email, sent only to me (although the hacker could have BCCed it to others). I rarely ever get emails from Ben, so my theory is that a hacker found a list of the emails from this forum, and sent messages out to random people.

Nope, never got anything.

Still no post from Ben… big surprise.

Not really. I might just try emailing him back. I was considering doing that, although I worried that if his email was hacked, that the hacker might send another bogus email.

… Notice he posted a test post AFTER your post.

I got a “spam message” from Ben too…

STILL no public reply from Ben (or any moderator) what a fucking joke…

My dad got one too, and emailed Ben back. And apparently, Ben did get hacked. He told my dad that he set a new password, so no more spam should be sent.

Well, I’ll reply, but I can honestly say, I have no idea what’s going on. I’ve tried contacting Ben myself, but no responses. I’m too busy with my new job to keep an eye on this place as much as I used to, but even if that were the case, I’m powerless when it comes to performing administrative tasks, as all I can do is ban users and edit/move/delete topics.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t know what to do…

Is there any way for you to appoint new moderators? It would help to have more people watching the board, especially since you are busy with work.

Nope, all under admin funcion that I don’t have. Otherwise I’d have made changes a long time ago, with the mod switch being one of them.

Ben left you moderators out here alone to deal with it. How nice of him. Ben is responsible for the site and he is also responsible to post a reply IN PUBLIC so his members know what is going on. I know from talking with you Dan that Ben has treated you this way before. Unacceptable as far as I am concerned.