Did the schools you went to have portables?

A couple of the schools I went to had portables. Lots of them weren’t actual portable however.

Nope. When my elementary/middle school ran out of space, they built an addition.

My elementary school didn’t.

My middle school does but they don’t use them

My high school does but IDK if they use them.

That should say “lots of them weren’t actually portable however.”

Nope, my school is all in one piece. Of course, that is ignoring the fact that it was built with many parts. I do wish there were portables, though.

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Yes almost all the schools I have gone to have them.

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My elementary school had four portables, each split into two classrooms. Later they demolished two of them because of a new elementary school built a few miles away to alleviate the overpopulation of the school.
My middle school for sixth grade had a few portables, but not for seventh and eighth grade because that school I went to was new at the time.
The high school I went to didn’t have portables until my junior year, but I didn’t have a class in one until my senior year.

The only school of mine with portables was my elementary school…two portables each split into two rooms, I believe. One portable housed the Spanish classroom, so it was always exciting going to that class once a week. The other portable housed the talented and gifted classroom.

Due to an additional classroom added onto the school and declining enrollment as the neighborhood that the school is in ages, both portables were removed quite some time ago.

My old elementary school had 2 portable outer buildings, that were installed around 2006 before I started there. They are mainly like the trailer homes, except they are made for classes. My middle school has some portables. One is an old metal shed “portable” (I use that term very loosely), that was put on the property in the late 60s, and about 3-4 Portables that were put in when they were renovating the school into the Middle school, since the new high school was built, but the middle school had only portables as classrooms for about a year. The high school across the parking lot has about 5 portables also.