Did you know there is federal signal emergency sirens in china?

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This company sells federal signal sirens and sentry siren inc sirens throughout china

Actually no: according to those on airraidsirens.net “Lion King” sells knockoffs of various manufacturers’ outdoor warning sirens, mostly Federal Signal’s.

Thats something to know

If they are knockoffs it’s incredible how similar they look to the actual federal signals model 2 or 2001-SRN

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Like I said, they are according to the folks on that site, & like you said they’ve done a surprisingly good job at copying them. There used to be some Youtube videos of them being tested but sadly the account that uploaded them no longer exists & thus neither do the videos.

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Note: It resembles a 2001-SRNB.
I think it’s a deal with Federal Signal for the Model 2 as Lion King would have to get them from Federal as Federal makes the motor/chopper/stator assembly.

Yes: in fact Lion King’s been so unoriginal that they actually reused Federal’s model numbers/names for their knockoffs: “LK-M2” for their Model 2 knockoff (“M2” meaning “Model 2”) & “LK-2001” for their 2001 knockoff to give two examples (Lion King even specifically notes in the description for the LK-2001 that “It’s similar as Federal Signal Outdoor Warning Sirens model 2001”).

As for the motor part I think people have said that Lion King uses their own chopper assembly & presumably just copies the design of everything else from the original Federal Signal version.

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You’re right. I did some reading and found this from the recently updated Civil Defense Sirens Wiki: “Their copies bear the look, but the actual cores of the sirens are based around the company’s own designs.”
This is probably why Federal hasn’t sued them for design infringement.

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There is a video of their defender siren
Lionking defender siren which is a giant siren mounted on a trailer

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I’ve seen that video. Internally it’s a Chrysler Bell Victory Siren. It sounds the same too and makes the same output.

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Considering the designs are identical to Federal’s they could very well sue Lion King, but have likely chosen not to since LK probably doesn’t threaten FS’s market at all (at least from what I’ve read that’s the most likely reason).

Yeah: that’s one of the few videos that still exists.

I don’t believe anyone knows for sure if Lion King’s Defender siren is the same internally as the Chrysler Bell Victory (or if it’s as loud as the latter), but it was clearly inspired by it (& hey: at least it’s not a direct knockoff like the others).

I found this video of one: https://youtu.be/cwzZogT5Jp0?si=_Ud98EEMDxyGVPeN

Makes sense. As far as I know only the hand crank ones have made it to the US and no other company is as popular as Federal. ASC and Whelen are close but not close enough.

True. I’m glad they didn’t copy it as there would be nothing that could be done in terms of suing for copyright infringement. Although when looking in the horn there appear to be 6 separate throats like the Chrysler.

I also found this which states it being quieter than the Chrysler.


Yeah, & yet it then also says that “The loudest of this defender sirens is unmatched by any oher warning device ever sold”.

The only way to prove this quote from LK is to see if the siren can (from the Civil Defense Sirens Wiki) “…clear fog by turning it to rain, start fires with the sheer vibrations it created, and…be heard between 30 to 50 miles away on a clear day…” These were reports supposedly from Chrysler. I guess it’s time to get my hands on a Defender and Chrysler.

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Just found out they are copying sentry sirens as well, they are copying their 10V2T and then calling it the “STH21”

Admittedly that one’s a little more original in terms of design. They might be selling other Sentry knockoffs that might be closer to the real thing however.

Didn’t you say in the very first post in this topic though that you could see that Lion King was selling Sentry knockoffs?