Did your school have horn strobes in every room?

My middle school had a mix of old alarms, don’t remember exactly what model but there were almost always remote strobes in rooms. The second year I was there, they redid the system and added ceiling mounted horn strobes in every room. I don’t remember the model exactly, might have been some sort of Simplex alarm? Pretty sure it had a voice evac option but the school didn’t enable it. In one of the three gyms, however, there was a dual horn Simplex/IBM 4030! Thank goodness I was never in that gym for a fire drill. They didn’t remove it in the system rework, however, which was strange.

My junior high school had ceiling mounted Gentex Commander 3 horn strobes in every. single. room. Annoying as hell. Even in very small offices. My high school now has a combination of wall mounted Exceder horn strobes in the rooms of the newer buildings and in the older buildings there are Wheelock AS horn strobes in the hallways and remote strobes in the classrooms, but has horn strobes in bigger rooms like the concert band room.

Hopefully we don’t get a fire drill when I’m in a room with an AS horn strobe, heard those things are deafeningly loud!

First and Second Elementary Schools - Yes, sorta. The first having 2901-9833s on 2903-9101 strobe plates in one part of the school, and Wheelock MT-WM horn/strobes in the other, restrooms in that part had remote strobes. Second elementary school, classrooms had alarms, and some restrooms had remote strobes.
Third Elementary School - No, we had horn/strobes (and even a few Faraday horn/lights) in the vestibule area, and larger rooms, though. Building 12 however had Federal Signal 450D+VALS horn/strobes in each classroom, ceiling mounted strobes in restrooms.
Middle School - Yes, every single classroom had Gentex Commander 2 horn/strobes, smaller rooms and areas not needing horn/strobes have strobes. Outside had Gentex GMS horn/strobes.
High School - Pretty Much yes, though restrooms had remote strobes in them. Speaker/strobes in the cafeteria, gym, and auditorium.

Nope, never had it, only when I went to post secondary school. They had a Huge Notifier ONYX system, and had speakers and speaker/strobes everywhere. My Elementary school was built in 1979 and is on its second system, and all they did was replace the single stroke bells with Mircom FHS-240 horn/strobes, only needing to add 1. My high school, built 1966, is also on its second system, the first being an Edwards 1221T I believe. The system now is an Edwards 6500, with the original single stroke bells, newer single stroke bells, and newer vibrating bells. The entire school is, or was, set to be replaced, but as of today, the 6500 is still kicking.

Elementary school - Yes and no. The classrooms in the main building only had EST Integrity remote strobes, but in the portables, there was a single Wheelock 7002T in each classroom (two classrooms per portable, four portables total).

Middle school (6th grade) - no. The only signals were in the hallway and large rooms like the cafeteria, band hall, and gym.

Middle school (7th and 8th grade) - yes, for the most part. Most of the classrooms had ZNSs either wall or ceiling mounted in just about all of the classrooms. Same for my high school, though those were Siemens ZHs.

College, depends on the building. Most of the buildings here have Simplex voice systems, and most of the classrooms have a speaker-strobe, though some of the smaller rooms don’t. Depends on the building and the size of the room.

Yes, my school has horn strobes in essentially every room, the bathrooms being the exceptions.

My middle school had truealerts in bathrooms in a newer part but not classrooms.

My high school has strobes in classrooms with the voice evac through the intercom if that counts.

The tech school above the high school has advances everywhere and even in rooms and bathrooms and even the teachers lounge.

My middle school had horns in every classroom, and in the gym, as well as in the cafeteria, there was voice evac. In my elementary school, there were spectralert classic ceiling speaker strobes in the classrooms and the hallways, and the gym, stage, work room, and some other areas had wall mount speaker strobes. The bathrooms have remote strobes. At my high school, every classroom has at least one speaker strobe in it. The bathrooms have speaker strobes as well as general paging speakers.

In Cedar Creek Elementary School in 2006 had the Wheelock AS 24-MCW and St Francis middle School and St Francis high school Wheelock LSM and Wheelock MTs and Wheelock ASs in Classrooms

In a select few rooms my school has horn strobes and smoke detectors
And more than 15 have pull stations and PIRs
And lots of rooms have smoke detectors, sprinklers

My school is the Opposite, in the Main U Building, the 4903-9101/2901-9806es are ONLY in the hallway, and the 9806es are really quiet inside the classrooms. The rest of the complex has adequate signaling.

But in all honesty, it’s probably because of a retrofit of the Original 1950s Signals, Who knows.

My elementary school had commander 3 horn strobes in the classrooms, and the BATHROOM! All of the rooms in the office had remote strobes.

My elementary school has remote strobes in the main bathrooms and nothing in the classrooms while my middle/high school has a remote strobe in the library and teacher’s lounge bathroom (don’t ask how I know it exists) and there is nothing in the classrooms. The only exceptions are the music rooms in both buildings and the wood shop drafting room which is a bathroom sized room (drafting room has a 4903-9215).

Nope. My middle & high school only has sounder strobes in corridors, the cafeteria and the gym. However there’s at least one ceiling-mount voice evac speaker in each room.

my elementary had pods that had 4 classrooms that were seperated by partitions each class rooms had a strobe and in the middle of each pod was a horn