Difference between the Thunderbolt 1000 and 1000T

Is there any way to tell the difference between a Thunderbolt 1000 and 1000T without hearing them? I’ve been wondering this because I have seen pictures of a Thunderbolt that used to be in my city but is now long gone. I can tell that it is not a 1003 because of the lack of solenoids but I would like to know if it is a 1000 or 1000T.

Unfortunately, unless you hear it or can view the build tag on the rotator box, there’s no way to tell the difference visually.

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Thanks for the information! That is certainly unfortunate. I guess I will just have to wonder because the Thunderbolt was completely painted over with red paint.

Knowing what color it was helps. I don’t know where your at, but West Shore Services has a red Thunderbolt 1000 with a 6M blower. It’s a possibility it was that one.

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I’m in North Dakota. The Thunderbolt was removed around 2011 when my city replaced their system of the Thunderbolt, three 2T22’s, and two RSH-10’s. The six old sirens got replaced with 2001-130’s and they also added an Eclipse 8 on the edge of town for extra coverage.

I’ll see if I can find out where the red 1000 at WSS came from. I know they service out there.

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by the way, how do you see the infamous West shore services siren collection without going there or watching a video.

Not sure how you’d see it without a video or in person (if a joke I didn’t catch on). I saw the videos and called to go in person and went over the summer. I’ll be going back in the summer.