Different NAs in the classrooms from those in the hallways.

Anyone of you went to a school like this? My middle school was like this. There were horn/strobes with minihorns in the classrooms.

Nope, we just have matching remote strobes in our restrooms. Some of our classrooms either have a horn/strobe, strobe, or nothing.

All if our classrooms had strobes and bathrooms had horn/strobes

Do you mean the other way around? The classrooms had horn/strobes and the bathrooms had remote strobes?

My school’s hallways, larger classrooms, and I think bathrooms (tend not to use them much) have 4903-9219s (with the occasional 30cd or synchronized variant, TrueAlert retro-fit, or synchronized remote strobe), whereas the smaller classrooms have Simplex 4904-9137’s or the synchronized variant.


That’s abnormal an just plain weird. Where there any audible notification appliances in the hallways? Were the restrooms in the classrooms?

Question 1: yes

Question 2: No

Yeah. I would certainly find it odd to see a school have remote strobes in the classroom, but horn/strobes in the restrooms.

That is odd, but one of my elementary schools that had an old Simplex fire alarm system with mechanical horns on an incandescent light plates also had audibles in the restrooms.

As I said, my school is the same.

We have large bathrooms, so an H/S in it (especially a modern one) makes sense. In normal-sized classrooms, there are only remote strobes.

So are you saying the restrooms are larger than the classrooms?

Classrooms don’t have stalls where it is difficult to see a visual signal, and have horns very close in proximity outside unlike the bathrooms.

Oh, I see what you are saying.

In addition, the doors to the bathroom seem much thicker and more soundproof. I suppose the teacher on duty doesn’t want to hear sounds of defecation.

It’s probably because of the smell, lol! Just kidding, they might be fire doors.

There are no stalls in the bathroom it is just 4 toilets in a row an 3 urinals and not even a door because it got ripped off

There’s no door to the restroom!?! Nothing separating any of the toilets!?! That’s so messed up!

I know and it really sucks when you have a female teacher watching you in the bathroom

I hate when female teachers used to walk into the boys’ restroom. That shouldn’t be allowed. So where is the toilet paper at? Are the other restrooms at your school the same way?