“We’re sorry. Walmart’s inventory control system has been activated. Please step back and an associate will help you.”

The first of which is: why does this need to be a thread?

Just as I clicked this a call bell dinged (I’m in a restaurant).

I remember back in the day the alarms at the exits of Walmart gave such a message after making a “ding” noise. Nowadays they just plain old beep.

Yeah we don’t get all of that fancy stuff at our Florida Wallmarts, we just have mean overweight ladies come and yell at you. You actually if you wanted to could run and get away with stuff. (People have) This is the main reason I don’t go to Wallmart, the people there are a class of their own. Most of them are pieces of work… :lol:

Seriously?! JonTron, again?!

Seriously though, It’s a thread because randomness, this should really be In security systems discussion if anything, consider it is is loss prevention.