Disconnecting and bypassing non-addressable NAs

Can the panel know if someone were to disconnect a non-addressable NA and just twist the wires together, or connect the EOLR directly to the wires if it’s EOL, completing the rest of the circuit and leaving this NA out? Also, if someone reversed the polarity of the wires, would the rest of the NAs downstream be set off (assuming at the time, the system is running on supervision voltage, not in alarm)?

I’ve always been curious about this. I’d test it, but I don’t have a panel. I know the panel will show a trouble while any portion of the NAC is disconnected, but this would clear upon completing the circuit. You could check the trouble history of the panel, but as far as I know, there would be no way to know a device was bypassed from the rest of the circuit.

There is no way of knowing that a device is bypassed or inoperable on a standard Notification circuit. That’s one reason annual tests are required by code.