Discord Group Appears To Be Down

Was just made aware by a friend of mine that the Discord group seems to be having some kind of issue: anyone have any idea what’s going on with it?

I am unsure, however multiple servers on my end are down. Discord is reporting it as an “outage”.

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Most of my servers went out

UPDATE: it’s back but now the official Garry’s Mod Discord group is down: what the heck is going on?

server maintenance, why is everyone acting like its the end of the damn world lmao.

You never know: seems like outages are being reported elsewhere: that can’t be just because of maintenance.

EDIT: Now another group I belong to is down!

Yeah you are acting like this is the end of the world, according to https://discordstatus.com there was not only an api outage but also a cloudflare issue which was reporting 504 errors and whatnot and since the desktop and mobile clients dont ever display that, they just dont work.

I wouldn’t say that but wouldn’t you be concerned if the groups you belonged to, groups that were up for months or even years without issue, suddenly went down for seemingly no reason?

You’re assuming the issue is with individual Discord community servers (which is a misnomer - everything is hosted by Discord), but it’s the servers at Discord themselves that were experiencing issues. You even ask what the issue is with your community despite not giving the name of the community, and sort of assume we know what you are talking about.

Remember that when one has a Discord server, they don’t literally own a server in the sense that they own the computer hosting the messages and all. Everything is hosted at a Discord datacenter so when those servers experience API or Cloudflare issues (which is the reason for the outage), every community will seemingly go down.

I assumed that everyone would know I was talking about this forum’s Discord group.

I had no idea what was happening so I thought I’d ask to try & get some answers (as well as raise awareness of the occurrence in case nobody knew), that’s all.