Disneyland fire alarm system

The fire alarm system at Disney land resort in California mostly contains simplex systems. I don’t know what panels they use but I’m assuming there using 4100u/es panels. There are a mix of notification appliances throughout the entire resort including the hotels nearby.

The notification appliances are mostly TrueAlert speaker strobes and a mixture of horn strobes (4903 and 4906 TrueAlert horn strobes) in some places. The hotel I stayed at back in 2015 was at the paradise pier and they have most likely a 4100es system. The pull stations in the hallways are covered with a brooks bgc pull station cover with a glass hammer on the side. The pulls are 4099-9001s (or some variant of it). The speaker strobes are 4906-9151 speakers and in the rooms they use 4902 speakers or the new TrueAlert es speakers.

Interestingly I saw a SimplexGrinnell van parked at the hotel because it is likely that they were testing the systems throughout the area of the resort and in the hotels. One of the hotels (not ours) made an announcement stating that they were gonna be conducting a test of the fire alarm system when we passed by to get to the resort. I do know that Disney world in Florida uses Siemens systems there.

Yes, and I believe there are also Notifier systems with Gentex Commanders and EST systems with Integrities at Disney World as well.

I also seem to recall hearing that they used to use a lot of Wheelock alarm signals at Disneyland, including on the Simplex systems.

yes, I do remember seeing some wheelock speaker strobes at Disneyland. The speaker strobes at the grand Californian hotel are wheelock e-70 speaker strobes. I also saw a few wheelock et-70wp weatherproof speaker strobes near some of the rides (some were even painted).