DMP 505-12 PWR Supply

I have 2 of these PWR supplies. Their AC fail relay works properly but the battery fail/low relay does not seem to work on either one of them. They are brand new. When I remove AC PWR the AC relay changes states like normal. When AC PWR is present and I remove the battery from the PWR supply the DC light is still lit and the relay did not change state. I have left it in this state for over 45mins to see if there was a timer delay but still nothing. According to the manual it stated that when the battery voltage goes under 11 VDC it will indicate low battery. Any idea. Also the power measured on the battery terminals from the PWR supply measure 14 VDC weather there is a battery connected or not, I would assume this is for charging the battery, if it helps, thanks.

Do you have the Trouble Relays wired into another panel zone or a 867 NAC Module?

It’s tied to a zone set for trouble/supervisory. Right now it’s tied to nothing and I testing with a meter to see if the state changes. Every half an hour or so. It said the red dc light should go out and it is still on.

It is possible that this power supply does not do a “turn off charger and test for presence of battery” type of test. It may only show the battery trouble when a battery is connected and is below 11.8 volts.

DMP devices all run a 3 minute battery test cycle. For 3 minutes, a constant float charge current is applied through the charging circuit. This is the 14V measured on the terminals (should be around ~13.6V). During the test, a load is placed on the battery for 5 seconds while a measurement is taken.

If there is already a Low Battery condition in the system, this cycle is shorted to 2 minutes. The panel should cut the charging circuit if it fails to read above 10.2V at any time and only complete the 5 second load tests.