DMP XR-500 Security System

I recently had a DMP XR-500 panel removed from a building for me, so here’s a place where I’ll share videos of the system as I make them. This system will also be featured in my System Test series, as it is installed on my Fire System Demo board to monitor the panels as well as simulated security/burglary functions, plus some supervisory zones for equipment monitored by Radionics POPIT modules, which is featured in my "<URL url=“Mother of all General Signalling setups.]Mother Of All General Signaling Setups[/url]” topic where it used to be installed.


DMP 690 Security Command Keypad’s sounds during alarm conditions. Operating on a DMP XR-500 panel. HUGE hint towards my next System Test for my fire alarm subscribers. Personally, I enjoy the sound of the Burglary/Security sound the most. Reminds me of my experiences when this system was installed in real building before it was removed for me.

The two constant alarms you see scrolling through: “SXL-EX Trouble” and “Halon System Trouble” are there because both of those panels (Siemens SXL-EX and Ansul AutoPulse 2000) were powered down during the video, thus reporting trouble conditions to the XR-500’s zones. Zones 1-10 are on-board zones, while the 500’s range zones are through Radionics POPIT modules connected to the LX-Bus via a POPEX and DMP 736P module.

Here’s a new video highlighting the display events feature on the panel.


Taking a look back at when this panel was installed at “PDC Waukegan” before it was disconnected, by using the Display Events feature. For whatever reason, the time displayed for these events is incorrect (changes every time you open it it) although the dates are correct.