do not use elevator when flashing remote strobe by the eleva

Have you ever seen a remote strobe by an elevator that says “do not use elevator when flashing”?

The video that someone took of this elevator is in a store that has such a remote strobe by the elevator:

Schindler Hydraulic Glass Elevator In Parisian Avenues Mall - YouTube

Schindler Hydraulic Glass Elevator In Parisian At The Avenues Mall - YouTube

Looks like a Faraday strobe. But no, I have never seen that before.

Probably there for the elevator “hat light”. The elevator hat light does two things normally. It lights up steady when the elevator is in “Phase 1” operation, when a smoke detector in one of the elevator lobbies is activated. It flashes when a smoke detector in the shaft or machine room is activated. It flashes to tell firefighters the operation of the elevator may be compromised. You would have a hat light near the fire reset switch on the primary recall floor and one inside the elevator car (this one is above the floor 2 button). Looking at this video, the 1st floor must not be the primary recall floor, no reset key switch by the lobby call button. So they must of had some need for the hat light on this floor, and added the rather unconventional fire alarm strobe and broke out the P-touch.

On a side note, I love watching people press the crap out of the “Door close” button! 95% of the time it will do nothing during normal operation. It’s really only there for Independent Service mode or Fire Phase 2 mode.

Wow. Didn’t know any of that…

Yeah. If you look at the second video (the one I linked under the link for the first one) you’ll see that the fire reset key switch is on the second floor. They have a remote strobe by the elevator on both floors.