Do parking garages in your area have fire alarm systems?

If so, what kind?

It really depends, most of the time if we get garages they’re for sprinkler monitoring and/or smokes and heats for the elevators. T

There’s only a handful of garages that I’ve been to that have full audible/visual coverage. There’s a lot of different businesses in the area so systems vary.

For us, required in all parking garages per AHJ. Also required: CO detection systems.

Not where I live. The only time you would see a fire alarm system in a garage, is if it’s attached to a building with a system. Other than that, stand alone garages don’t have anything except a lighting system.


Mostly Simplex TruAlerts or SystemSenor Spectralerts, but I’ve seen others

Usually FireLite BG-12 pullstations or BG-10’s. Sometimes Edwards 270-SPO’s

Not any garages here in Austin (MN), but Rochester has some, but as mentioned before, most only have devices in the elevator/stairway area. The only one I know of that has NAs in the garage is for the Kahler Inn & Suites, which are Simplex 2901-9838s. I think it’d be interesting to drive down the ramp while the 9838s are doin’ their thing. Note these are part of the hotel’s system, which is an unknown one with Simplex 4251 T-Bars and those rare black/silver Gamewell M69 pulls, several on here have them. The NAs are 9838s on 9401 strobes in one section and TrueAlerts in another (evidently replaced flushmount 40x0s)

A majority parking garages in my area are equipped with fire alarm systems; the only exceptions I can think of are older parkades that aren’t typically connected to other buildings. The garage I use the most has a Cerberus system with MS-51s and newer Select-A-Horns, while the one where my father parks at his work has a 4100U with T-bars and ET speakers (both of these garages are stand-alone). Another very large parkade in my city, located at the airport, has a Notifier NFS-3030 with FM-955 pull stations and 10" KMS-series bells.

Almost all parking garages in my area are equipped with fire alarm systems; the only exceptions are older city owned parking garages that haven been remodeled since 2000. Other than that, even stand-alone parking garages (not connected to any building) are required to have some sort of notification appliance if renovated or constructed after 2005 due to Sacramento city fire codes. (They are some more technical stuff, and exceptions, but this is the general rule)