Do railroad lines run through where you live?

In addition to being a fire alarm enthusiast, I am also a bit of a train buff myself, having gone to train shows with my father and collecting model trains to run on an oval layout. But, it is just as exciting to see a train cruising by at high speeds! Where I live, CSX Transportation’s Detroit Subdivision line runs through the southern city limits. But I ask all of you now; do you have a line that currently runs or used to run where you live? If so, what kinds of trains do you see along the line?

I usually see CSX around here. There are tons of rail lines through here. Next time I think of it I’ll take a pic of the huge rail depot in Worcester. That place is HUGE.

Yes, as a matter of fact, my house is just feet from the tracks. We’re in the middle of a BIG transition that’s supposed to bring a large amount of train activity to the city, so for the past year, there’s been lots of upgrade projects going on. I’m more of a crossing signal fan than a train fan, but the process isn’t complete yet and I’m so egar to see what the future wll bring! :smiley: Here’s a link to the press release:

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Just for the record, I live in Mechanicville.

I moved away from the RR tracks where I grew up. I never paid too much attention to them when they were nearby though.

I can often hear trains’ whistles from my room at night…the tracks are only a few miles away from my house. I can’t remember what the engines and cars say on them - it’s like a 4-letter name that starts with a B - but they’re usually carrying coal for the power plants. There is an Amtrack station in the next town over, though, and I’ve ridden trains to and from that station.

@U8oL0: Is it BNSF, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad? What did the paint scheme look like?

Yes that’s it. I think that paint scheme is orange and red-ish, but I could be mistaken. I’ll have to check the next time that I see a train.

The T station is a couple of miles away from my house and there is a railroad line behind my dorm.

We have a few tracks a couple miles from my hose because we like somewhat close to a chlorine purification plant, so there are about 3 or 4 tracks. A little ways away there is a auto receiving yard with about 7 to 12 tracks, usually filled with boxcars full of cars and Union Pacific diesels, most of the time around 3 or 4 per train.

Me and my father started a train layout (HO) a few years ago cause we both love trains and he had a huge one as a kid, but we have to dismantle and sell it soon :cry: because are funding was cut off as well as we need the space for a computer room. I will get pictures of the progress we made befor we deconstruct it.

We have a couple of tracks that run through Austin (MN), mainly for shipping and freight, though passenger trains might use them also.

My City’s got Guilford/Pan Am Railways through it, some rarely used Montréal Maine and And Atlantic crossings. You hear RS5T’s or K5LA’s constantly.