Do the schools in your area have sprinklers?

The ones in my area don’t.

Most of the schools around here do have a sprinkler system. However, the college I attend has some of the campus sprinklered, but much of it is not.

In K-12, all the schools had sprinklers since they all got renovated. All of my campus buildings have sprinklers as far as I can tell. In our new building, the sprinklers have concealed heads.

It depends. If the school was built some time since the 1990s, then it is bound to have sprinklers. All the elementary schools built since 1998 in my city have sprinkler systems. The middle school not too far from my house also had a sprinkler system installed during a 2003 renovation (the school was built in 1954), and another middle school on the north side of town, built in 1957, also has a rather old sprinkler system. Its sister school (the one I attended) only has one or two sprinklers, and was also built in 1957. All other public schools have no sprinklers, but many of them do have smoke or heat detectors tied into the fire alarm system (the two K-8 schools even have duct detectors).

My former college only had sprinklers in the Fine Arts building. They could only be found in the basement, as well as in the dressing rooms.

My HS has a dry stlye sprinker system throught the whole school, there are even some concealed heads. My Elementry school had a sprinkler system too, but it was a wet pipe style.

The high school does, and they trigger the FA
The middle school does not

My school has sprinklers in the halls (I think…) and in the classrooms.

Sort of. The old ES didn’t (built around 1910) but the new ES does. MHS doesn’t in most areas but the auditorium does have fire hoses and the backstage storage is sprinklerized. The rest of the school (even the parts built in 2003) just has fire extinguishers in the hallways. At UA, anything built after 1990, including building gut and rehabs, is equipped with sprinklers. The rest of the buildings just have standpipe hookups in the stairwells.

Most, if not all the schools I’ve been to in the Livonia Public Schools district don’t have sprinklers, as the last of our new schools were built in 1969.

No schools in my city have a sprinkler system.

In Franklin, all of the schools are post 1975. They all have sprinklers.

At my college, the buildings built before oh say 1970-1975 don’t have sprinklers, but all the other ones do.