Do You Have A...?

Do You Have A…?

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  • Both
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Facebook or MySpace? Do you have both? Do you have another online socialization profile?

I have both a Facebook and MySpace.

Both. But I like Facebook a lot better.

I have Facebook. I had a Myspace for a little while, but deleted it because I like Facebook much better and never used the Myspace. And when I say I never used it I mean I NEVER used it.

I like Facebook better too, unfortunately, the people I chat with the most often only have MySpace…

IMO, Myspace has WAY too many advertisements, and flash crap on their homepage. I wouldnt even use it, but some of my friends don’t have Facebook.

I have both Myspace and Facebook. But I’ve recently made the decision to make both of them only for friends that go to my school and family members.

I had a Facebook but I never used it so I closed it.

Once upon a time I had a myspace page but since 2008, I no longer use it. I had it for almost 2 years. I never liked using it and decided to get rid of it. As of now, I do not have a facebook, but will probably have one soon.

I would like to retract the post I made–I do now have a facebook. I think I will like it.

Get ready to be addicted. I sure am addicted to Facebook.

Same here. I have both a FB and MS account/page.

Well, at the suggestion of a relative, I brought my Myspace page back to life too! So, now I have both.

I am going to get a facebook, but I dont have one right now.