Do you like doorless restrooms?

Do you like doorless restrooms? I do. No door to have to touch on my way out after washing my hands. I like how the restrooms at the local Walmart other than the family restroom are doorless.

Another question. Does anyone prefer to use the handicapped stalls in the restroom? I do. More space inside. I don’t really like tiny stalls.

Most new stores, public places, etc around my area. are going to the doorless concept, which is nice.

As for the handicap stalls, I try not to use them in case a wheelchair bound person needs it. But, this morning, I was at local mall that had just opened for the day when nature called. I used the handicap stall because it was the first one I came to when I went in to the bathroom. I was kind of nervous that someone would need it over a reg. stall, but I was done very quickly.