Do you snap photos of fire alarms?

Do you snap photos of fire alarms? I don’t. Who else here doesn’t?

Same here; although I have fantasized about taking pictures of fire alarms, I am unsure about this since it could get me into serious trouble if someone saw me doing it…

How would this get you into trouble? Yo have freedom of the press, and my Lawyer says that included pictures and videos

I could take pictures if I felt like it. I doubt anybody would mind.

It is in some places illegal or against the policy of the property owner to snap still photos of buildings, and their systems. If you do it in an area where people are on edge you can very easily attract attention. Everyone in America is on edge after 9/11, even with just school security if your school catches you, some schools have policy’s against it.

What you see as a harmless act for your hobby others see as weird or a threat.

Here we go with the crazy posts again… First of all no you do not have that freedom anymore go to the pentagon and snap a photo you will have 6 armed guards asking what you are doing. Train buffs are also questioned, I know because I had to dig an old friend out of a bind with a transit police officer. Your “lawyer?” You have a lawyer on retainer to ask these questions to? You are also not the press. My lawyer charges 400 dollars just for a consultation phone call. You ALSO do not have the right to blatantly record video, in many states it is illegal to record peoples voices without either making it obvious or getting their consent.

This is a great document

HOWEVER in today’s world… If you THINK it will get you into trouble, it probably will.

Yah, ive seen this one before. No, I have a friend whos father is a lawyer and ive asked him about this before.

Well he better check his facts…

Also, remember when you are private property you abide by THEIR rules. You don’t like them you leave. I do not recall reading in the constitution that we have an ultimate right to take photos. State and federal government also have the ability to regulate you. Not to say you should not try, but do you really want to challenge a police officer who is asking you what you are doing? Sure I would tell a security guard or teacher to F off… But you know what will come next.

Once again I think the person that said they are careful deserves props I think you are 100% right in being concerned it could be a rouge security guard or cop who did not get his morning donuts but either way just be carefull.

I only take pics if it’s a rather unique alarm and I’m very selective about where I take them (in areas with little or no “traffic”). I have unfortunately gotten into trouble before, but luckily nothing came out of it. It was when I took this vid. After letting us back in, I asked what happened and they asked if I was the one with the camera. I said “yeah, why?” and they called the cop on the scene over to interrigate me because they thought I pulled the alarm and got it on camera. I just explained to the cop about my disability and that I was just getting what happened on camera and that I didn’t do anything wrong. Fortunately for me he believed every word I said, even though it was still quite evident that the guys working on the panel still weren’t convinced. They were so sure of themselves that someone pulled it. Well, the joke was on them because the cause was actually a faulty detector. After they got the panel to reset there was this girl sitting at the table right in front of the panel and they said to her in a kind voice “We’re sorry if our activity bothered you.” and then they look at me sitting at a nearby table and give me the evil eye.

I have recorded trains and railroad crossings too and even though I live ina community where trains are one of its greatest past times and lots of railfans still hang around and take pics, I still feel uncomfortable doing it. Fortunately nothing’s happened yet and I hope it stays that way, but I’m not letting my guard down anytime soon.

I think your disability was somewhat of your savior here. Most intelligent people know people with Asperger’s hyper-focus on something, for you its fire alarms. I think your body language and overall mannerism is probably what kept you from getting into further trouble. But Dan’s experience is a great reason of why not to do that stuff. Despite the outcome of the alarm they could have very well have trespassed you. They do not need proof or a reason to take that kind of order out on someone simple suspicion is enough. Remember Dan, you could have easily been accused of setting off the detector with aerosol, a magnet, a match, any number of things. If I was responsible for a system (like the people at the panel may have been) and I saw a head go off for a reason that I could say without a doubt was cleaned regularly and there was no obvious cause for the trip I would be somewhat suspicious of anyone with the camera. ALSO remember people that cause or do something usually involve them self in the “investigation” side of the incident and by you walking up and asking what happened did just that.

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