Does anybody know how people play music through electronic sirens?

I have always wondered how people are able to hook their devices up to the controllers on electronic sirens and play music through them.

I believe that it’s something to do with the tone generator and amplifiers, but I’m not exactly sure how they do it.

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Some Electronic siren controllers have a microphone input for public address purposes, I’m guessing you can use that as a makeshift input for a MP3 player of some kind? (with some adaptations of course)

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Some sirens are just speakers with boards driving them, so the people connect the music straight to the speaker.

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what is that smoke detector in your profile picture?

An Ademco 623-12, it’s also probably the oldest device I have in my collection.

(I don’t even remember when I took that picture… lol)

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Thanks man. they are surprisingly common on the east coast.

isnt ist illigal to play music through sirens

Since the sirens are meant to be used by government officials. It would be illegal to tamper them or hack them.

Yes, it would be illegal. I highly doubt that the people who do it care though (but they probably do know it’s illegal or they have permission to do what they’re doing)

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If they are owned by the county, yes it’s illegal. If someone privately owns a siren they can legally play music through them.