Does anyone have Radionics Programming Software?

I’m getting a radionics panel, and i need a way to program it. If anyone has the software can you contact me


The software is available on Bosch’s website and goes by the name RPS or Remote programming software. Now it’s free to obtain and doesn’t need a key but here’s the tricky part, you need a physical device to program them. Now there is a way to avoid that all together and it’s to use someone else’s tool via a telephone connection but that requires another device all together depending on your house’s phone setup. If you don’t have a landline installed you’ll need a ATA or Analog telephone adapter to get it setup.

I should also note that depending on the age of your panel, remote programming might not even be setup. An example of a panel that’s too old to program remotely would be a D8112 but if you have anything higher such as a D9112, D7412G/9412G you’ll be just fine. Hope this information helps you!

Although the RPS programming software may be downloaded free from the Bosch website, it is very important that you understand that the B8512G, B9512G, D7212/D7412/D9412 (and the G, GV2, GV3, and GV4 versions of the same), as well as the D8112, D2*12, D*412, and D9112 cannot be programmed from RPS unless the appropriate SafeNet Sentinel DRM dongle is connected to your PC. Most of these panels additionally cannot be programmed from the keypad, so exercise caution when purchasing.