Does anyone have this device?

I know i already said i would get these, but i need some help. i have the model number, i have the specs, but i want to know if i need a larger screwdriver to manage it. the device is an edwards 7641r-1n5. it looks like this:
image . i would also like to know anything else about the device, as it seems interesting.

I’ve got one, mine is the ceiling-mount “FIRE”-lettering version (890RDB-G5). What exactly do you mean by “need a large screwdriver”?

i think the “FIRE”- lettering versions are only slightly less rare. what i mean is do i need a screwdriver that would not fit in my pocket?


You should be able to use a fairly standard-size screwdriver to both mount & unmount it & remove the lens (as the mounting screws are underneath it).

would precision screwdrivers work?

I’m not sure I know what one of those is.

they are small screwdrivers.

Yeah I’m sure they’d work, as long as they’re big enough to turn the screws.

These devices were called ‘Dome Lights’. Edwards actually sold these systems alongside their fire alarm system. Basically, they would light up under the pull station that was pulled. Most were 24VAC.

Some buildings that modernized their systems, kept the dome system in place and now has it on 24/7. It’s always nice to see ones that are still in place and taken care of.

Not sure I’ve ever seen such a thing but okay; from what I can tell they were actually mainly used as visual signaling devices despite a label on the back saying not to. Also most of them that I’ve seen are 24VDC instead.

they work either way.