Does anyone have this device?

I know i already said i would get these, but i need some help. i have the model number, i have the specs, but i want to know if i need a larger screwdriver to manage it. the device is an edwards 7641r-1n5. it looks like this:
image . i would also like to know anything else about the device, as it seems interesting.

I’ve got one, mine is the ceiling-mount “FIRE”-lettering version (890RDB-G5). What exactly do you mean by “need a large screwdriver”?

i think the “FIRE”- lettering versions are only slightly less rare. what i mean is do i need a screwdriver that would not fit in my pocket?


You should be able to use a fairly standard-size screwdriver to both mount & unmount it & remove the lens (as the mounting screws are underneath it).

would precision screwdrivers work?

I’m not sure I know what one of those is.

they are small screwdrivers.

Yeah I’m sure they’d work, as long as they’re big enough to turn the screws.