Does anyone here know how to decode System Sensor Sync?

I’m making a Arduino Strobe Sync module for my panel, and I’m trying to decode System Sensor Sync for when System Sensor horn strobes are sounding and synced up. I know the two wire audible silence now, but still need to make them when the horns and strobes are in sync.

Wheelock sync is easy to decode because the Wheelock DSMs have relays to easily decode the pulses, and even on the silenced pulses. But on the System Sensor MDLs don’t have relays and use MOSFETs to do the timing pulses, which makes it very hard to decode it.

So does anyone here know how to decode System Sensor Sync?

What do you mean by Audible Scilence? Because the Way System Sensor sync works is by controlling how much time the NAC is on and Off (Sync Signal). An older post shows these timings in more detail, but Ill sum it up here.

I Implemented these timings into my Universal Strobe Sync Protocol, and it works with my System Sensor and some of my Gentex Equipment.

I would look into that post for more detail and for the Audible Scilence timings.

Yea, but I already figured out the silencing part already. I ment when the horns are going off with the sync protocol, before silencing.

Connect a 24v relay instead of a horn strobe and try to time the on and off timings on horn mode. Or just mess around and see what happens

I just figured it out. There’s a two second delay to start the protocol before the pulses.

Yea, that 2 second delay is to power the devices, (Like I mentioned before)
Guess I did not elaborate enough.