Does anyone know any videos of a voice assisted 6500 custom or tones of it

I’ve been wondering if the 6500 can be voice assisted

From what I have seen, I don’t think so, as the Voice would be provided by the Fire Safety Director via Microphone to aid in Evac Instructions (As this is common in NYC). I don’t know, as Im just an enthusiast and I don’t work for Firecom. The most HQ tones of the 8500 Whoop and Chime video, as you probably have seen already.

It seems like Robville Virtual Realisations rebuilt the circuit from the patent and re-recorded it or rebuilt the tones from frequency’s used from the patent.

Oh thank you so much. Im sorry but i ment the edwards 6500 custom

That is my mistake, I misread 6500 for 8500. For the 6500, I have very limited knowledge, and I will let others users answer that for you.

Thats incredibly fine i have limited knowledge with the 6500 custom too. know its a panel from the late 70s early 80s but not much else

Yes, it was called the Edwards 6700. It was a voice part of the 6500. I know as my moms work had one of these at one point.

It is very rare today and I can’t even find any documentation on it. I know that it came with a microphone, handset for firefigher telephones, and selective/all call paging. I’m not sure if any came with automatic tape decks or anything.


The 6700 is on the left side, it is pretty simple.


Thank you, what do those things sound like

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Unfortunatley I never heard it in person. I know the bells did a 20 bpm for 1st stage and then a 120bpm for second stage (it was a 2 stage system).

I do service work for the place now and the system has been completely replaced with a Kidde VM panel.