Does anyone know the base vehicle for the DOW3? (Doppler on wheels 3)


All that i know is the fact that it is based on a ford truck

Nevermind, Looks as it could be a 1996 Ford F750

Ford F-Series. Probably 650 up. 1995-2000s

Funny you should ask that: I’ve been doing research into that myself recently. While I am unsure of DOW3’s exact manufacturing year right now, I do know that it & its fellow DOW, DOW2, are both F700s that were made no later than 1997 (as both DOW2 & DOW3 were put into service in 1997), & that DOW2 is a 1996 F700 specifically. I even know where the latter is as of 2022 (the “SOONER STATE FORD TRUCKS” stickers on the sides of the hood & what remains of the rear radar control cab are the giveaways: the dual-hole rims specifically identify it as DOW2 since DOW3 has 5-hole rims):
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