Does anyone know what the est 2 hi lo chime sounds like or footage of it

I’ve been wondering what the est hi lo chime sounds like. can anyone help

Is this it? This is the only video with a supposed Edwards/EST hi-lo chime tone that I can remember off the top of my head:
Fire Alarm Test #63 (

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I found this video too.

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Pretty sure edwards has been using the same stuff since the IRC-3 in the late 80s, like I have a tone file that contains all of the default tones edwards uses, some are dated back to the days of the irc-3 and est2… so I am 90 percent sure EST has just used the same tones for years and years.

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basically what I am saying is that, there is no “Est 2 chime” It’s used on the est3, and the est4… as well. all edwards techs can access it on the website via their login. it’s one universal chime. There are multiple chime tones, though, but all dated the same I’ve seen.

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Oh yeah, that’s another one (though the pattern is slightly different).

Who knows with a lot of manufacturers’ tones when it comes to debut dates & the like honestly. A lot of Edwards/EST tones can be found on the Edwards Signaling website with no login requirement though (not the default male messages however).

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Thank you for the video

Wow thats cool i didn’t know that

Thank you i was wondering what it sounded like

This tone has been available for use since as far as I can date back 1993 when FAST (the original OEM for the IRC-3) was purchased by Edwards signaling to form EST. This particular HiLo tone is called “Ding Dong” and is available from the adaptatone sound files. As Auto_call has said is yep these tones have been used for decades at this point and Edwards doesn’t really seem to have plans on changing them which is alright. The tone was available on all est voice models after the 8500. (IRC-3, FCC, EST2, EST3, EST3X, EST4) Have used this tone. Also the tone itself seems to be modifiable with one video I saw of that tone being used as a paging announcement tone with a sort of echo behind. tone is heard at 2:23 of this video.

Thank you i was wondering about the irc3

Do you know any tones of the 8500 if so can you please post a video of it

The 8500 was able to produce this chime tone heard in the beginning of this video and iirc a 900Hz tone.

I know for a fact though that the 5800 was able to produce a 900Hz tone and a whoop tone.

The ESA-2000 was able to produce this type of Whoop tone:

Thank you so much for the video

Do you have any videos of the irc 3 besides that one

The esa 2000 sounds sort of like the mirtone 790 it sort of sounds creepy

Do you have any videos of the est 8500 whoop or 5800