Does anyone know what type of chimes were used in WTC building 7?

Really curious. I want to make a system with those chimes on roblox studio

Specifically the ones at 1:28

That’s the chime tone emitted by a Firecom 8500 voice system, which we know very little about (other than 7 WTC had one).

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Wtc 7 had a firecom 8500 system


(Edit for things I forgot to mention)

There’s all kinds of info here:

This PDF has detailed info on the FA systems before & after. I worked for the service company back in 1987 through '93 and assisted with the install of some of those XL3 panels in the mechanical rooms. I moved to FL shortly after and then back to NYC in May 2001 for the same service company that was maintaining the MXLVs. I’ll never forget that day.

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That was helpful