Does anyone know where i can get a gentex shg, preferably under 100 bucks

I want to add a gentex shg to my collection because they are discontinued, if i cant get one i will have to wait for my school to replace their system so i can get a shg they have.
Gentex shgs are my favorite alarms, and i want to get one for christmas this year of if its cheap enough get it in a few weeks

They sometimes go for a lot nowadays, but as an owner of an SHG, I wouldn’t pay over $30 for one. The build quality is absolutely horrible and they are super fragile devices. The horn on mine separated from the body, part of the grille is broken, and the mounting standoffs (i think that’s what they’re called?) are broken. You can’t really put that much pressure on it while mounting or else it will crack. Speaking from experience. If you still want one, you gotta take good care of it and be careful. Good luck.